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Parking and space Management is no longer a problem

With Pass2parkit, your space management issue is solved. Dispatch management and Rent rolls can be peacefully managed. Guests and tenants can access our app for guest parking, easily with a QR code.

Property Guest History

Searchable , detailed Guest history data grid with sort/search options. Auto expiration of Guest registrations. 90 Days guest history data retentions.

Rent Rolls

Easy and QR code based Rent Roll management. Self rent roll management for tenants.Easy to add/remove Rent rolls.


Simple and mobile based dispatch management for drivers and all in one dispatch tasks management in this platform. Cloud based dispatch platform.

Space Management

Enables to manage available parking spaces with interactive and easy to use backend portal.

Parking Rules

Template based Parking Rules management. Easy to enable or disable the various parking enforcement rules.


Automatic and Digital Parking Addendums generated and archived for reference purposes.
Ability edit and auto regenerate parking addendums any time.

Guest App

1-Touch and QR code based Guest registration for your tenants and Guests.

Our Customers

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